The Espers Game Webnovel

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Well we are here to discuss about the espers game webnovel which many of us want to read. If you are searching for the espers game webnovel then you come to the right place. Espers game is one of the popular game that everyone want to know about this topic.

The Espers game webnovel is popular game webnovel on internet as it is written by moonwhisper. The novels tells about a young boy whose name is daniel. He discover about himself as having a psychic power that is recognised as esper power.

The novel describes that Daniel practice to develop his power and also discuss about how he get caught under the powerful espers.

Detail About The Espers Game Webnovel

The novel is about a world in which some individuals possess a typical power that is from telekinesis to the mind control. These group of individual people are said as espers. The espers is divided into two main categories, one espers who use their powers for the good work and other one who use their powers for their personal benifits.

Daniel the lead role who does not know his powers unless he is met by a group of individuals known as the “Esper Hunters”. All those espers offers him in developing his abilities, after this Daniel discover himself and move into the world of Espers. With his new fellow espers, Daniel make the world with deceit, power struggles, and dangerous games.

Main Characters and Story of The Espers Game Webnovel

The Espers Game Webnovel is totally based on the Seven Heroes who are protecting the planet in seventeen years ago. Semoun Yeop, one of the strongest espers among them who had sacrificed his life so as to happen it.

The Seven Heroes referred as Espers does not need any competency till now that everywhere there is peace. but Battlefield made Espers to show their talents, and competency in the field.

What We Get To See in the Novel?

The novel is totally based on action, drama, and suspense as Daniel and his friend is totally against the powerful foe and work to uncover the mysteries of the espers’ world.

The story is also known for the complex and developed characters, everyone with their struggle and motivation.

The Espers Game Webnovel (Video)

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FAQs on The Espers Game Webnovel

Why is Esper Game Webnovel so popular?

Esper game webnovel is so popular as its story is so interesting that no one can imagine how much good is this.

What story we get to see in The Espers Game Webnovel?

The main story in the webnovel is about a young man named Daniel who found himself as having a unique power that is refered as esper abilities.


The Espers game Webnovel is one of the best webnovel which is known for the thrilling and action.The webnovel shows the power, friendship, and the result of the fight among them. This webnovel can be read online through various sources.

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