Best 10 Lyft Accident Lawyer (Attorney) in 2023

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Do you want to know “Best Lyft Accident Lawyer“.

If yes then you come to the right place, here we will discuss some of the best Lyft Accident Lawyer of 2022.

Lyft is a popular or common rideshare service provider in US.Lyft is so affordable and easy to pick rideshare service provider.Anyone who has urgent need of cab can call for lyft.We know if there is a good rideshare service provider then we will be tension free from driving to new places.

Thinking about lakhs of people using Lyft for everyday need is not a wonder question.This is most common practice done by every people in US.Lyft can be picked with one tap of phone whether there is day or night.We know that Lyft makes our day to day life so easier but there is an issue which we always get to see which is Lyft accident.

If you get injured or suffer from seroius injuries in Lyft accident then there you need a Lyft Accident Lawyer who can fight on behalf of you for a better settlement.Any case related to lyft accident, the involvement of insurance company is must for getting the claim amount what you losses in the accident.

Overview of Best Lyft Accident Lawyers (Attorneys) of 2023

Law FirmHeadquaterYears of ExperienceWebsiteWebsite
Dolman Law FirmFlorida, United States17
Dominguez Law FirmLos Angeles, California, US30
Michigan Law FirmMichigan US7
Wilshire Law FirmLos Angeles US15

Causes of Lyft Accident

Like a reckless or drunk driver, Lyft rideshare drivers can sometimes cause a serious accident because of inattention driving or false judgement during riding.Mostly seen on the lyft accident is unusual attention of drivers towards traffic lights and direction indicators.Lets see some other common reasons of Lyft accident.

  • Road Rage
  • Drunk Driving
  • Drowsy Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Uncareful towards traffic lights.

The main difference between local drivers and Lyft rideshare drivers is that rideshare drivers may be under an additional pressure while navigating on the road.Lyft drivers are totally aware that their life are contingent of evaluations of their driving performance.This can create pressure to entertain passengers which can be distracting.

Lyft drivers always take risks to reach the destination as soon as possible in response of getting 5 star rating.These unessential conditions may cause the Lyft drivers with passengers to engage in dangerous situation as speeding of vehicle cause motor vehicle to collide.

Types of Lyft Rideshare Accident

The most common lyft accident as seen in the lyft accident are as given below:

  • Injuried of Lyft Passengers.
  • Pedestrian hit by Lyft car.
  • Lyft driver collide the car with bicycle.
  • Collision with motorcycle.
  • Other vehicle negligence cause Lyft car accident.

These are the most common types of Lyft car accident as seen mostly.If you have rided through Lyft and get seriously injured during the journey due to negligence of lyft driver or any other unnatural reason then you must need a best Lyft Accident Lawyer who can fight your case and can claim the losses that happens in this accident.

Common Injuries on Lyft Car Accident

There is nothing as any way to prevent a vehicle accident in a road.The same condition is seen when taking a rideshare cars such as Lyft.Lyft car accident can involve if you are a driver, passenger or motorist in another vehicle.Injuries to lyft driver, passengers and another vehicle operator have to suffer in these accident.Lets see some of the injuries during Lyft Accident.

  • Broken bones: In any accident, Bones fracture and bones broken commonly occur.Recovering from these injuries is a time consuming process that make you unability to work.Even in some cases, Broken bones require surgery.
  • Brain Injuries: In lyft car accident, mostly traumatic brain injury (TBI) happens, It is one of the most serious head injury seen in any accident that occur when the head violently hits a stationary object such as dashboard, steering or window of the car.TBI effects can range from little bit to severe result in a mental disability of a person.
  • Whiplash: Whiplash is common injuries seen only in rear-end accidents.This is the injuries commonly results in swelling but it can cause vocal cord paralysis and serious neck pain which can be life-long.
  • Neck and Back Injuries: If you are involved in a Lyft accident that may cause your head to jerk forward, this things may lead severe neck or back injury to you.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Back injuries in lyft accident may cause the damage of nerve cells, this damage can cause a serious impact on the control of your body, which means damage to spinal cord.In other cases, these injuries may lead the body to permanent paralysis.
  • Burns: In rideshare accident like lyft, people may suffer serious cuts or wounds that affect the skin.Burn occurs only when the body touches hot part of vehicle which result in scarring movement.

How to determine Liabilities in Lyft Accident

It is must for the Drivers of Lyft ridesharing services to have an auto insurance policy.Though it is not required to have commercial insurance policy.This is rule set by the law that If the driver of Lyft rideshare vehicle caused an accident then they have to cover some expenses.But before gone to the final, There may be several liabilities can be seen in a lyft accident.Lets see them.

Lyft driver

However, the Lyft driver is considered for the reason of accident, but the question of liability can be more complex.All the drivers in Lyft rideshare service are required to carry their own auto insurance policy when they drive.If the accident occurs due to rideshare driver while they do not carry any passengers in the vehicle.In this condotion, they are personally liable for the damages that result in the accident.

If the Lyft driver has a passenger in his vehicle then driver insurance policy will cover the damages up to the policy limit but in case the damages exceeded to the policy limits then the condition comes up with Lyft insurance policy entry.Lyft carry somehow $1,000,000 in coverage as insurance above their driver’s policy limits so that they could cover accidents caused by their drivers to the victims injured in this accident.This will cover all economic and noneconomic damages to the victims when Lyft vehicle is responsible for the accident.

Other Vehicle Driver

When the other vehicle driver is faulty in a Lyft accident, the claims process started as though it were any other type of car accident case.In this case, driver of other vehicle auto insurance coverage would come in, and then Lyft car accident attorney would negotiate with the insurance company for a better settlement which covers victim’s personal injury damages happend in the accident.

Accident due to vehicle Defect

If Lyft car accident occur due to the presence of defect in the vehicle such as failing brakes, a faulty airbag etc.There are many entities involved for these defect that may ultimately liable for the accident.These could be Vehicle designers, manufacturers, transporters, dealers, mechanics, and others may all be responsible for the accident unless not determined from where the defect is originated.Because of the complexity in determining the liability in this accident, you need a well experienced lyft car accident attorney to resolve the matter.

Major Losses in Lyft Accident

If you met with Lyft car accident and suffer lots of damages in this accidents then you have the right to claim compensation in the court for the losses you made.For seeking compensation, you must need a skilled Lyft accident lawyer who can fight on behalf of you.If you think to file a Lyft accident insurance claim, you must be aware of the damages.Lets see some common damages in Lyft Accident:

  • Loss of wages: Injuries in Lyft car accident may result in you to make you aware of work for medical appointments and recovery.Major injuries may result in preventing you from returning to the jobs for months.In this situation, you may find yourself in the financially critical.
  • Medical Bills: After the injuries, medical treatment becomes so important for us to recover but there is an issue with recovering cost which become so costly now a days.Cost of treatment for even minor injuries is so overwhelming.Individuals who has health insurance still have to pay for hospitalization, medications, surgeries, and other treatment.So we need to claim compensation for injuries which may include therapeutic treatment, rehabilitation and other ongoing expenses resulting from disability.
  • Loss of Earning potential: If someone travel through Lyft car and met with the accident.There may become a serious injuries to him and can cause him from permanent loss of jobs because it effect the person ability to work.
  • Pain suffering: Some losses seen in a lyft accident are loss of enjoyment of life, loss of permanent diability etc.If you get injured in Lyft accident and losses these things then you have the right to claim compensation for non losses.

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What Should We Do if We Met Into an Accident as a Lyft Passenger?

If we met with Lyft Car Accident then we must take some basic steps.Lets know them:

  • Check injuries to yourself and others: If you met with accident, must check injuries to you and other if there any and also imediate call to ambulance for the help.Even you think there is no injuries happened in the spot, it will be best practice for you to seek medical attention as precaution.
  • Contact Authorities: After the accident happen, it will be our first duty to report the accident to the nearest police.
  • Collect Evidence as a proof: If possible collect photos and videos of the accident and also gather information of the driver like driving licence number, driver name, and insurance information.Except these, if poosible someone from there witness the negligence of accident can be sure shot proof.
  • Contact the Lyft Accident Lawyer: The last and the most important thing which we must do is to contact a well experienced and well talented Lyft Accident Lawyer (Attorney) who can help you in claiming the compensation.

What Types of Compensation Can We Get In Case of Lyft Accident?

California law allows victims to claim for financial compensation for their injuries and other losses.Before knowing about the compensation, we will know about the damages appeared in the accident.

Economic Damages in Lyft Car Accident

Those damages which can be calculated or sum up easily is said to be as economic damages.Economic damages can be visualised easily.Compensation for these damages can be claimed easily if there is any best lawyer.Lets see the examples of economic damages.

  1. Loss of wages
  2. Loss of property.
  3. Medical bills related to injuries.
  4. Lost the earning potential.

Non Economic Damages in Lyft Car Accident

Those damages which can’t be calculated or sum up easily is called non economic damages.Non economic damages is so tricky to claim for the compensation.Lets see them.

  1. Loss of Enjoyment of life.
  2. Loss due to Emotional distress.
  3. Loss due to disability.
  4. Loss due to pain and suffer.

These are the invisible damages that can’t be underestimated easily.There is no rule set by the law for the compensation in case of lyft car accident.If any case goes to trial, a jury is allowed to award the victim the amount what is reasonable based on the victim’s estimated losses.

Best Lyft Accident Lawyers (Attorney)

For claiming the compensation in Lyft car accident, there must need a best lawyer for lyft car accident who can fight on behalf of you to settle the claim in the best and lawlful way.Lets see some of the best Lyft accident lawyer.

Dolman Law Group

lyft accident lawyer
source:Dolman law group

In any accident for a smooth and easy settlement, The law firm you choose can directly impact the claim value.Now a days most of the personal injury law firms matter the money as priority than qualitely solve the case.If you acquired Dolman Law Group at your side, they will relentlessly pursue a fair settlement.The lyft accident lawyers from Dolman law group will not settle the matter with an inadequate offer.Instead of this, they take lyft accident lawsuit in trial to recover the full value of your damages.

Best Points of Dolman Law Group

  • Dolman Law Group gives best results.
  • They have the financial resources and experience to battle any insurance carrier.
  • Dolman law group has successfully fight and win against corporate giants such as Walmart, Hyatt, Uber, Outback and insurance goliaths like State Farm, Allstate.
  • The accident attorneys from Dolman Law Group has recently achieved 1 million dollar of settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Why to choose Dolman Law Group?

Each firms has its own methodology and criteria to fight the case.For any Law firm, it is necessary for their attorney to maintain best litigation on any case.Lets see in point why to choose Dolman Law Group:

  • Dolman Law Group has handled very complex cases like severe injuries and complicated questions of liability in a very easy way.
  • The attorney from Dolman Law Group understand how complicated claims can become with the added component of ride-share vehicles.
  • Dolman Law Group communicates with the insurance company, review evidence of the accident and help you in seeking medical treatment.

The Dominguez Firm

lyft accident lawyer

Lakhs of people uses Lyft daily to move around the city.Lyft is cheaper and cleaner than other traditional taxis.Due to this reason, Lyft accident commonly seen around us.What if you get injured in Lyft accident during crossing the street or Lyft car hits you.

In this condition, you need a lyft accident lawyer who help you to get the compensation.The Lyft Accident Lawyer from The Dominguez Firm will fight for the rights and the compensation you claim.Dominguez firm does not incur any upfront fees or hidden expenses to their clients.Most importantly, they do not charge anything unless they win.You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Michigan Auto Law

lyft accident lawyer

To resolve any complex cases, you need an attorney having experience, skill and any proven background to show you the result.This experienced and well oriented attorney will be found Michigan Auto Law.The attorneys from Michigan Auto Law specialize in Rideshare injury like Lyft Accident and wrongful death cases.Attorney from Michigan Auto Law helps people like you who have injured or lost life in lyft accident.

Michigan Auto laws has more than 50 years of experience in recovering Lyft accident settlements.Attorneys from Michigan Auto law have recovered more than million dollar settlements.

Wilshire Law Firm (Lyft Accident Attorney in Los Angeles)

The Best and well experienced legal team of Wilshire Law Firm is well grasped with the insurance policies and coverage involved in the Lyft accidents and can assist you to gain an optimal outcome if you acquire a Wilshire Attorney.From filing a claim to the end of compensation of the injuries, they will help you.

Lyft Accident Lawyer (Attorney) Video


In this article, we have discussed in detail about the best Lyft Accident Lawyer who can support a lot to easy settle the case whether it is hard to resolve.We know that attorney is the path to prove you real in the case.A best attorney help you to easy recover the compensation amount whatever you losses in the accident.

A well experienced Lyft Accident Lawyer knows the pros and cons of the case and deeply analysed it with the team and claim the compensation with insurance company who is liable in it.

I think, its’ one of your valuable article as it clears about Lyft Accident Lawyer from zero to basic and if it is good then share to your friends.

Some Questions Related to Lyft Accident (FAQs)

Can We File a Claim with Lyft After My Accident?

If you get injured or harassed in a Lyft car due to any reason, it is not to be a good practice to itself claim the losses to the company directly.In spite of yourself, it will be much better to contact a well experienced Lyft attorneys who has years of experience in resolving the cases.Simply saying in my word, You must acquire a best accident lawyer whose words value the world and ready to fight for your rights.

Is there any Deadline for Filing a Lyft Accident Claim?

Yes, According to statute of Limitations, You have only two years to file a claim against Lyft if there is no government vehicle involved but in case if there is one government vehicle involved then you have only 6 months to file the claim from the date of accident.

Why Should We Hire a Lyft Accident Lawyer (Attorney)?

A Lyft accident lawyer knows every norms of the laws.They are known with the current laws and also know how to negotiate with insurers and other vehicle owners who involved.In the accident, you bear medical bills and work inability for long time whose compensation can be achieved only if you acquire a best lyft accident lawyer.

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