I Just Got Hit Reviews (ijustgothit)

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I Just Got Hit is not only a site but a way for those who need an attorney for personal injury cases like truck accident cases, car accident case, motor vehicle accident case and many more. I Just Got Hit is popularly famous in Dallas and Houton for helping people for personal injury cases.

I Just Got Hit founder are David Godsey and Justin Martin. They have about 130+ legal professionals who are always ready to fight on your behalf.

I Just Got Hit Com Overview

Firm NameI Just Got Hit (Godsey & Martin P.C)
Experience16 years
FounderDavid Godsey and Justin Martin
LocationDallas and Houston
Phone Number800 446 8448

I just Got Hit Reviews

  • Shelby Collins: Gives good reviews.
  • Lavina Randle: Praise Godsey and Martin PC
  • Sadie Harris: Thanks Godsey Martin Team
  • Alyssa Blank: Grateful for Godsey Martin Team
  • WB Wagner: Thanks Godsey Martin PC for extra ordinary customer service.
  • Kenneth Matthews: Fully Satisfied with the service
  • Joseph Bealer: Satisfied with the service
  • Ashley Grant: Praise for Amazing Customer Service
  • Chelsea Woods: Gives 10/10
  • Tajanita Daq Shaq: Says right choice to choose Godsey Martin PC.

I just Got Hit Lawyers

Lawyers from ijustgothit.com has a single aim which is protecting the community. They have the team of skilled and experienced attorney who use their skills and talents to win the case. They have helped thousands of people in getting compensation for the personal injury case like car accident case, truck accident case etc.

Some of the Lawyers from I Just Got Hit Law Firm are as follow.

  • Aaron Godsey: Aaron Godsey is the managing attorney at I Just Got Hit or Godsey & Martin Law firm. He has handled a wide range of duties. Aaron graduated from southwestern oklahama state university. After obtaining graduation degree, aaron joined Texas A&M University School of Law where he got law degree.
  • Inez Clark: Inez Clark is known for insurance property claim attorney. Mr clark is graduated from university of Arkansas WH Bowen School of Law in Little Rock in 2017. She was invited to join Godsey Martin law firm for its first party property insurance claims department.
  • Dan Scott: Dan Scott is a personal injury and first insurance plaintiffs attorney for Godsey Martin PC.
  • David Patin: David Patin is a personal injury lawyer in Godsey & Martin PC since 2017. He has recovered about 28million dollars for their clients.
  • Dana Gray: Dana Gray is a Litigation Attorney for Godsey Martin PC. He received Accounting degree and Jurisdiction Doctorate degree from Texas Tech University.
  • Dominick Garza: Dominick Garza is one of the oldest personal injury attorney at Godsey Martin PC. He has been working for safe guarding the clients right and to ensure the compensation.
  • Susan Smith: Susan B Smith is a personal injury lawyer at Godsey and Martin PC. He has completed south texas college of law
  • Ryan Rogers: Ryan E Rogers is a litigation attorney at Godsey Martin PC since 2014. He is graduated from Southern Methodist University.
  • Juan Aguirre: Juan Aguirre is a personal injury attorney at Godsey Martin PC Since 2019.
  • Judy Rota: She joined Godsey Martin PC as Personal Injury Attorney Since 2021.
  • Josie Monconduit: She joined Godsey Martin PC as personal injury attorney in 2020.
  • Frederick Williams: Frederick joined Godsey Martin PC as personal injury attorney in 2017.
  • Ebony Parks: Ebony Park joined Godsey Martin PC as a personal injury in 2021.
  • Donovan Brittian: Donovan Brittain joined Godsey Martin PC as Litigation Personal Injury Attorney.

I Just Got Hit By A Car What To Do?

If someone is hit by a car accidently and become seriously injured then his primary step is to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Then after, he must contact a best attorney who can help you in getting desired compensation. Lets know what to do:

  • Seek Medical Help: The first and the foremost important things after an accident is to seek a medical attention. Even if you feel well, it is your duty to go to doctor to get whole body checkup to ensure that there is no internal damages or no any hidden injuries.
  • Contact Nearest Police: After it, you must report the police about the accident so that they can create a report which will be helpful in further legal process.
  • Exchange Information: Exchange the insurance and contact information with the driver of the car involved in the accident.
  • Collect Witness: If any witness proof available, collect his or her contact information.
  • Capture the scene: If possible, take some pictures of the accident spot.
  • Contact Personal Injury Lawyer: If you have injured too much, you must contact personal injury lawyer who can help you in further legal process for obtaining desired compensation.

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Advantages of Hiring Lawyers From I Just Got Hit Com (Godsey & Martin PC)

  • They povide you free legal consultation.
  • They fight with full effort to help you in obtaining desired compensation.
  • Your facts are listened by every legal professional.
  • Your fee will be waived up until you win the case.
  • They inform you in each and every step of the legal process.
  • They understand your emotional and financial losses.

I just Got Hit Com Phone Number

If you are searching for “I just Got Hit phone number” then you come to the right place. The phone number of I just got hit is 800 446 8448.

I Just Got Hit Dallas Office Address

The official Address of I Just Got Hit Dallas is 15000 surveyor Blvd Addison, TX 75001 and the phone number of Dallas Office is 214-446-8448.

I Just Got Hit Houston Texas Office Address

The official Address of I Just Got Hit Houston Texas is 2950 North Loop West Suite 400 Houston, TX 77092.

I Just Got Hit Dot Com Commercial (Video Guide)


In this post, we have discussed about I Just Got Hit Reviews, I Just Got Hit Phone Number, I Just Got Hit Lawyers and many more. We tried in detail to know everything about I Just Got Hit weather it will be a good option to pick lawyer from here or not. This post will help you before considering lawyers from here.

FAQs on I Just Got Hit (Godsey & Martin PC)

What is “I Just Got Hit” in legal form?

I Just Got Hit is a site for Godsey & Martin PC law firm. It helps people who need a legal help to obtain desired compensation for the losses they made in personal injury cases. Ijustgothit.com law firm has a team of skilled and experienced attorney who help clients in a way as it is his own problem.

Why Godsey Martin PC or Ijustgothit.com law firm?

If you consider Godsey Martin PC, there is lots of benifits like free case evaluation, team of skillful and talented attorney, case taken under contigency fee basis, recovered successfully $3 million each month as compensation for personal injury cases. This things gives some confidence to consider Godsey Martin PC.

How can Godsey Martin PC or Ijustgothit.com help you?

Godsey Martin PC first consider your legal right and options then file a claim with insurance company through proper legal evidence for your case such as photographs, medical reports, witness etc. Lastly negotiate settlement with insurance company for obtaining desired compensation for you. This way Godsey Martin PC will help you.


This post is only for informational purpose only not to force you to consider the lawyers from here. The main motive of this article is only to help people to know something about law firm. Read more in our disclaimer page.

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