5 Best Construction Accident Lawyer (Attorney) in Houstan, Bronx, Philadelphia, New york, New Jersey, and California

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Today we are here to discuss mostly about construction accident lawyer in 2022. Construction accident lawyer are those who help needy person to claim the compensation which he losses in the accident. An attorney is one who fight on behalf of you for the better settlement.

An attorney must be such who has well experienced and knowledge about the cases and fight before you. Attorneys are those who have relevant knowledge about the case and having ability to win the case.

Types of Construction Accident

On concluding the reports by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 20% and more fatalities seen in the construction sites in the year 2019. All accidents seen as a common reasons which includes safety violation, this violations may be due to unusual behaviour towards eye and face protection, scaffolding and more. Each year thousands of construction workers injured in US. Some of the common types of construction accidents are:

  • Electrocutions.
  • Collision of motor vehicle.
  • Falling of objects.
  • Malfunctioning of equipments.
  • Due to chemical exposure.
  • Failure of protective equipment.
  • They are compressed by equipment or crushed in collapsing structure, equipment, or material.

Most of the Construction accident injuries happen due to lack of training, bad maintenance, bad operation, or safety violation. Bad construction accidents will cause a long lasting injuries to the construction workers and some times even seen as death. Injuries due to falling objects may cause persisting symptoms of dizziness, forgetfulness and even more. Everyone’s workplace should be safe, and being injured on a job site can be extremely traumatic.

Responsible Parties in construction Accident

construction accident lawyer philadelphia

When any serious construction accident happen, multiple liable parties are involved. To find a responsible parties, it becomes too difficult to find a liable party. This is what a construction accident attorneys will help you. A construction accident attorney will collect all availabe data and find the liable parties. A construction accident lawyer goes through all legal investigation, medical records and eyewitnesses that provides proper eidence. All these evidence identify liability of the accident.

  • May be Engineers
  • May be site owners
  • May be contractor
  • May be subcontractor
  • May be Architecture
  • May be defective elements
  • May be employees
  • May be any other elements.

Causes of Construction Accident

Construction accidents happen only due to some major reasons. Any failure or accident occur due to improper training, reckless in safety regulations and implementing poor policies. An accident can create serious injuries and harm to the people of spot. Lets see Some of the main reasons which causes construction accident.

  • Tools are misused.
  • Due to crane accident.
  • Handling of material is poor.
  • Unsafe storage of Hazardous material.
  • Due to fire and explosions.
  • Due to compressed gases
  • Due to Falling over material.
  • If workers are provided as poor training.
  • Debris left in a hazardous location.
  • Falling from a ladder.
  • Unsafe scaffolding.
  • If Worker struck by falling debris, equipment, tools, or any other material.
  • Electrocution from exposed wires.
  • If stuck by moving equipment or vehicles.
  • Use of damage guns, nails etc.

Injuries in Construction Accident

There are many types of injuries seen in a construction site if someone met with accident. Construction accident happen due to negligence or some other factors. Lets see some of the major injuries in construction site.

  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Disfigurement and amputation.
  • Back and neck injuries.
  • Fractures of bones.

Damages on Construction Accident

There are different types of losses you may get to see in a construction accident, this losses include:

  • Property damage
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss as pain and suffering
  • Loss as medical bills.
  • Mortgage and Rent losses.
  • Counselling cost
  • Cost of treament.

Except these, there are many different types of losses seen in the spot, one can assume after a construction accident.

Types of Lawsuit or Claims applied in Construction Accident

If someone or their love ones injured in construction site, then they have the option to file a lawsuit against the liable parties so that he or she can recover the losses. A proper claims can be possible only if he or she acquire a well experienced attorney. Lets see some common lawsuit one can file after construction accident injury.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Someone who is construction worker, then workers’ compensation laws protect him benific. Workers’ Compensation Law also help the employer from liability. If someone get injured in construction site, then he can get medical benefits and some lost wages with the help of workers’ compensation insurance without liability. If someone who injured or loss life are blamed for the accident at the site then according to worker compensation law, he can eligible to collect these benefits.

One can easily file a workers’ compensation claim together with a third-party claim. Workers Compensation Claim can be filed without fear of lossing the job or any other retaliation.

Wrongful Death Claims

If someone lost his loved one in a construction accident, then his family has the right to file a wrongful death claim to recover damages. We know that any compensation could never replace tears or loss of someone live. Wrongful death claims help people to recover the losses.

Third-Party Personal Injury Claims

According to third party personal injury lawsuit, you only need to find and to prove the negligence and after it to claim compensation. This lawsuit can help you to get claim amount only if a skill and experienced personal injury lawyer are there.

Construction workers have the right to file a third-party claim against other liable party other than the employer. According to OSHA rules and regulations, Contractors and sub-contractors must provide safe working condition to their employees. If a subcontractor suffered an injury due to contractor negligence on the construction site may file a third-party claim against the contractor.

Any pedestrians, visitors, cyclists, and residents get injured while crossing the construction site can file third party injury claims if any negligence found there.

Product Liability Claims

If you suffered an injury due to defective machinery and faulty construction equipment, then you may file a claim against the manufacturer and distributors of the machinery. Product liability claims is totally different from personal injury claims.

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List of Popular Construction Accident Lawyers

We are here to give you some suggestions about best construction accident lawyer in US who can help you in recovering the losses.

Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys

construction accident lawyer
Source:Munley Law

Every workers have the right to get a safe environment to work in the construction site so that after completing the work they could return home in the same condition as they leave there. Due to unsafe condition provided by the contractor, many worker met with an accidents in the workplace.

But if you get trapped in the accident, Here is Munley Law, who know how construction worker is doing this difficult job and what envronment is needed in the workplace. The munley construction accident lawyers are always there to help you in this critical situation. If someone or his nearest one was injured or loss his life on the construction site, then he has the right to file compensation claim.

The experienced attorneys from Munley Law will handle everything from start to finish. Munley’s attorney will fight on behalf of you. If you pick a construction accident attorney from law Munley Law, you will be confirmed to be treated with the respect and compassion you deserve.

Morgan and Morgan

construction accident lawyer
source:Morgan & Morgan

The Morgan & Morgan law firm handle the critical cases like construction site injuries. Attorneys from Morgan and Morgan law are familiar with the rules and law related to this type of claims which help you to recover compensation for the losses you made.

Deciding the liability is very complex task and also difficult to decide which construction accident lawsuits fit best. So it becomes necessary for us to contact an attorney who have well experience in handling construction accident cases. Lawyers from Morgan and Morgan are good in handling construction accidents cases for more than two decades and have sufficient resources to go against the insurance company if they try to deny for the compensation

The Rothenberg Law Firm

construction accident lawyer

Construction accident can be considered as one of the fatal accident if little bit mistakes happend in the construction site. Workers working in the construction site may suffer from serious injuries or sometimes loss their life.

Every preventive steps must be taken in the construction site to prevent the life of workers and others. If someone get injured or loss their loved one in the construction site then they have the right to claim for the compensation.

From claiming the case to the getting of compensation is not easy, it can be possible only if there is a good and well experienced attorney is there. I think Rothernberg Law Firm is also a good law firm for construction accident. You may pick Attorney from Rothernberg.

Dolman Law Group

construction accident lawyer
source:Dolman law

Dolman law is also one of the best law firm in case resolving the cases related to construction accident. They also win thousand of construction accident claim and help their clients in achieving maximum compensation amount what is legal.

If you are finding a best attorney for construction accident, you may contact Dolman Law.

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Know Construction Accident Lawsuit Worth


We have provided a detailed article on the best Construction Accident Lawyer or Attorney in Houstan, New York, Philadelphia, and many more. Here we have concluded top 5 construction accident attorney which are well experienced and have win thousand of cases related to construction accident.

What type of accident kills most in construction site?

Fall causes maximum deathes in the construction site.

What is the most common accident in construction site?

Fall is most common accident seen in the construction site.

What are the 4 main causes of construction accidents?

Electrocutions, Falls, Struck by objects, and Caught between the objects are the four of reasons of construction accident.

What is the biggest killer on construction sites?

Asbestos – asbestos is the biggest cause of death amongst construction workers.

What should one do if he or she get injured in construction site?

If someone get injured in construction site, they could do the following things, lets see:
1.Get medical treatment instantly.
2.Report about the accident to your employer.
3.Have any witnesses about the accident.
4.Capture photographs, videos of the spot where the accident happened.
5.Last and most important, contact an attorney.

What losses can be recovered in construction accident?

Contruction accident can cause several losses like physical losses, psychological losses, and financial losses. If someone get injured or losses his life in construction accident, one has the right to get compensation for the loss. lets see the losses which we can recover:
1. Loss of wages.
2. Loss of property.
3. Living expenses.
4. Counselling Cost.
5. Mortgage and rent loss.
6. Pain and suffering.
7. Medical bills.

These are the losses which you can claim in construction accident.

If you are searching for the attorney who can fight on behalf of you and help in getting claim amount, you may contact these law firm to get fast result.

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